Setting up a budget isn’t as difficult as it sounds

I love the peace of mind I have knowing what money we have and where it’s going (instead of wondering where it went). Once you set one up and stick to it for a few months, you’ll never want to go back. 🙂

I agree Amber with the PEACE OF MIND. Especially if funds are Tight. It’s really helped me to sleep better after I’ve figured things out…even if there’s not enough money for everything…at least I’ve tried!

I also have to adjust my budget 1/2 way through the month and each month because of irregular income. You may have to adjust yours month by month as you go. It’s a working budget not one budget set in stone for the whole year.

Friends, thanks for your assistance!

What an awesome amount of great information you all have. I think I will solve my Walmart problem by splitting up the order and paying separately out of envelopes. I really don’t budget much money for clothing since I make most of my clothes (as I mentioned earlier). Still, I was thinking that maybe I can take some of my “fabric” money and convert that to “clothing” money since for me it’s pretty much the same. also, that way i would not feel so bad about spending so much fabric money and zero on clothing.
Great idea, isn’t it!