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Thanks for all the advice about the seminar

I have tried to do the Baby steps. First, I put the $1000 in a savings — but then I needed it right away and it was gone. I downloaded the great spreadsheet that will show you how to snowball and got that all set up. Now all I need is the money. lol
One problem is that I only get paid once a month on the first. By the 5th, I’ve paid all the bills and I’m broke until the first of the next month. I haven’t yet tried the envelope system and using cash only — do people really do that? To tell the truth, I haven’t had a dollar in my wallet for several years… I either paid with debt card or credit card. It’s going to seem strange now to pay with money.

Oh Lord I need this program so badly! lol. I suppose I should try to make some kind of budget, shouldn’t I. What do I do, list all my fixed expenses and estimate my variables? It will take me all month to figure out which are my fixed and which are variable… no wonder I’m freaking out. It’s overwhelming.