It’s overwhelming and scary in the beginning

but it does get easier when you figure things out especially when it comes to making a budget. Your fixed bills are like your rent/mortgage, insurance, car payments that sort of thing and your variables are your utilities and other things. I don’t have a lot of payments so I can’t list mine to give you a good example and I don’t know your situation that well.
THe BEF is there to protect you if Murphy comes along, i’m glad you had it in place. Have you replaced it? You do that before you start the snowball. I’m trying to get current on everything before I even start my BEF and sometimes feel like a failure but i’m learning more and more as I go. A budget is never perfect either. Seems like when you finally get it figured out something always comes along to throw a wrench in there and yuo have to work it out again. Hang in there.